Scalable Solutions For Your Business Connection Needs

Internet Intimation delivers Internet Business Solutions including managed WiFi, Broadband on Demand, and Voice Solutions. Our flexible service plans were designed for today’s business models, with unmatched pricing and delivery options for all your business connections.

Business Internet

Our High-Speed Business Internet solutions offer flexibility, speed and reliability with the lowest latency of any provider (under five milliseconds).

Managed Wi-Fi

Our Managed Business Wi-Fi offers the same quality as a wired connection for seamless flexible workspaces across your office.

Voice Services

Our business voice service works with any PBX system for a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Business Solutions For Every Vertical

We don’t believe your business connections should be “one size fits all.” From large movie and production studios and school campuses to small retail shops and cafes, we offer tailored communications solutions for every business type.

Broadband On Demand

No need to pay for more Internet than you need. With our Volume Knob Internet we can turn you up when things get hectic and back down when the office clears out for Sundance.

Super Low Latency

Our direct connection to allows us to give you Internet with super-low latency (averages under 5 milliseconds) to upload and download large files at lightning fast speeds.

Managed Wi-Fi

Let us handle your Wi-Fi network from soup to nuts. Create hotspots, flexible workspaces and access the Internet from anywhere in the office from laptops and devices.